Which May Render an Agreement Void Mcq

Q.13: – The Indian Contracts Act, 1872, enacted on April 25, 1872, came into force on April 37. Any agreement to refuse marriage of a person other than a minor – (a) is void (c) is void (b) is illegal (d) is valid 12. A” offered to sell his house to “B,” which B immediately agreed. In these circumstances: (a) A may revoke his offer at any time before the actual sale of the house b) A may revoke his offer with the consent of B (c) A may not revoke his offer at all (d) A may revoke his offer even without the consent of B 31. What can render an agreement null and void: (a) coercion that leads to consent (b) undue influence that leads to consent (c) fraud that leads to consent (d) error that leads to consent.11 A promises his son to buy him a Maruti car when he comes first in his tenth grade exam, believing in the promise, the son worked hard and came first in the test. In this case: (a) The son can sue A for the car because there was a contract between him and his father A (b) The son cannot sue A because the contract was questionable at A`s choice (c) The son can sue A because he worked hard to convince A`s promise and fulfilled his part of the contract d) The son cannot sue A, because in the domestic environment such as These commitments are not made with the intention of binding the parties in a valid contract Q.46: – An agreement to make actions impossible in itself is: 5. A null agreement means: (a) an agreement that is not legally enforceable, (b) an agreement that is of an illegal nature (c) an agreement that is unacceptable to the Court of Justice (d) an agreement that violates judicial procedure 21. An agreement without consideration is (a) void (b) void (c) illegal (d) ineffective 32. A auctions to B, a horse that A knows is unhealthy. A says nothing to B about the soundproofing of the horse.

In this situation (a) The purchase contract is valid and it was not A`s obligation to disclose the actual condition of the horse (b) The purchase contract is void because it was affected by A`s fraud, by which it is A`s duty to reveal the truth (c) The purchase contract is voidable at B`s choice because it is defrauded by A. (d) The purchase contract is voidable at choice de B due to fraud by A Q.45:- If two or more persons have made a joint commitment, the promisor may, in the absence of the express agreement to the contrary, force the execution of the entire contract: 30. Asked the banker for a loan at a time when there is rigor on the money market. The banker refuses to expect loans at an exceptionally high interest rate. A accepts the loan of this term In this case: (a) The contract is subject to undue influence (b) The contract is valid because it is the transaction in the ordinary course of business (c) The contract is void because the bank has unfairly exploited the rigor on the money market (d) The contract is voidable at the discretion of A, who was deceived by the banker 2. A proposal, if accepted, will be: (a) An acceptance (b) A promise (c) A counterparty for the promise (d) An agreement 23. Ramesh asks his servant to sell him his bike at a price below the market price. Such an agreement between Ramesh and his agent: (a) Is a valid contract (b) Is a contract void from the outset due to undue influence (c) Is a contract subject to compensatory measures at the employee`s choice because the agreement has been affected by undue influence (d) Is a contract void from the outset due to соercion 44. If a party`s consent has been caused by an error of fact, the Agreement is: (a) Voidable (b) Void (c) Valid and void or void (d) Illegal and unenforceable 6. The provision that an unenforceable agreement is deemed void is contained in: (a) Article 2 (j) b) Article 2 (f) (c) Article 2 (g) (d) Article 2 (i) Sally enters into a contract with her employer that she will have a salary of £35,000 per year at the end of the year plus a cash payment of £20,000 that is not declared, this avoids taxes. Sally`s employer has now refused to pay her the £20,000. Can Sally take legal action to enforce the £20,000 payment? 40.A sees B`s child drown in water.

He saves the child from drowning. Later, `B`, `A`Rs. 1000. In these circumstances: (a) B`s liability arises from a quasi-contract (b) B`s liability is required by law, (c) B is not liable because there is no contract (d) B is liable because the agreement is not “nudum pactum” and is based on previous voluntary service Which of the following agreements is/are void? 1. Consent without consideration. 2. Agreement on the stay of legal proceedings. 3. Agreement Affected by Fraud. An agreement to commit an illegal act is an example of a null agreement. For example, a contract between drug traffickers and buyers is an invalid contract simply because the terms of the contract are illegal.

In such a case, neither party may apply to the court for performance of the contract. A void agreement is void from the outset, while a voidable contract can be cancelled by one or all parties. A questionable contract is not invalid from the beginning, but becomes void later due to certain changes in condition. In summary, it can be said that in the event of nullity of the contract, there is no discretion on the part of the contracting parties. The contracting parties are not allowed to make a void contract enforceable. [2] 41. Which of the following contracts is a contract: (a) An agreement to perform a lawful act by unlawful means (b) A duly signed written obligation to pay the prescribed debt (c) An agreement restricting lawful trade (d) An agreement to pay Rs. 1000 /- only without consideration 15. An agreement is: (a) Any promise and any set of promises that form a quid pro quo for each other (b) Any promise to do something or refrain, (c) a person`s statement of intent to keep the promise, (d) the promise against a promise C is the right option. Section 27 of the Indian Contract Act 1972 provides: “An agreement restricting trade is void – Any agreement which prevents any person from carrying on a lawful profession, trade or enterprise of any kind is void in this respect.

F.23:- If both parties to an agreement have an error in relation to a fact essential to the agreement, an agreement restricting trade is valid under § 27, it refers to 42.In case of an alternative commitment, one branch of which is legal and the other illegal. (a) Such a promise may be enforced (b) Each of its branches may be enforced (c) The legal division alone may be enforced (d) With the authorization of the court, both branches may be enforced.34 . .

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